Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Medtech fabrication processes are demanding in expertise to deliver high tech products or medicines with compliance and efficiency.

Yet, production skills are susceptible to become fragmented or diluted.

Sourcin SA combines multimedia and a secured web-portal to create an innovative tool to enhance knowledge management capabilities in high tech industries.

A Powerful knowledge management at your finger tip

Sourcin transforms production recipes by cinematizing the Operating Procedures into Mediabooks. Such tutorials in libraries prevail over language barriers by featuring reference videos captured on site.

Sourcin's secured collaborative working space segregates process applicable information. The Mediabooks, Documents, Forums and FAQ are available to consult for routine tutorial or for training purposes.

The knownledge becomes infectious

Sourcin provides the industry with an edge. A User Centric innovative collaborative space to share information.

Right time, Right place and Relevant: The tutorials are available on Windows & Mac as well as iOS and Android smartphones browsers, yet their diffusion, dissemination and revision are secured, monitored and controlled.

Leverage your genuine production expertise

A strong Knowledge Management perfects your production competitive assets hence leveraging your company intangibles.