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Biomanufacturing A3P Congress

In the upcoming congress, you will have the opportunity to learn about key trends, methodologies and insights on manufacturing, process development, quality management and compliance of bioproducts.



A3P Forum - Bern "ICH Q3D – Elemental Impurities"

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Sourcin at A3P Biarritz

Sourcin will participate to the A3P International Congress Nov 17 -19 2015.

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Life Science Leader magazine:

Biomanufacturing Industry Not Providing Employees The Tools To Succeed

By Eric Langer, President and Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.

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Overlooking GMP Biopharm Education/Training Can Cost You - Big Time

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[04 jun 2014]

High Value Product Technology Transfer Conference 2014
Date: 15 may 2014

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Durham, UK

Sourcin has been presenting the main considerations regarding the transfer of technology and a new model to proactively share one of the key assets: the practical knowledge.

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Impact of personnel training on biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing

Sourcin has collaborated with Mr. Alain Pralong GSK (VP New Product Introduction & Technical Life Cycle Management) to review the various methods aiming at empowering production personnel in Biopharma production.

Skill set scope has broaden since modern technologies have been implemented therefore a special care to perfect operations is required. This white Paper highlights ways to improve compliance and cost control through an adequate and modern training approach.



Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Munich Feb 19-20 2014

Sourcin has been presenting at the conference Feb 19th focusing on daily production operations.

See excerpts of the presentation:

[9 oct 2013]

Sourcin's Presentation at IQPC October 8-9th 2013

[18 sept 2013]

PDA UK Chapter Workshop

On September 19, PDA's UK Chapter organized a workshop on single-use technology hosted by Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies at Billingham, U.K.


IQPC 2013 Conference Note


GSK Lead the Way with Staff Training for Disposables Implementation

Last month saw the 5th Disposable Solutions meeting take place over two days in Brussels. We had an excellent mix of presentations not just from suppliers thankfully but more importantly from end users looking at the benefits and challenges of building facilities based around single use systems or integrating them into their operations.



IQPC 2013 Post event note

The Chairman Mr. Jerold Martin opened the 5th Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing Conference with a "Single Use, What's next?"



IQPC: Brussels Feb 19-20 2013

Pharma IQ's 5th annual Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing was held in Brussels Feb 19th and 20th at a nice venue near Zaventem terminals.

Conference presentation



Your Mediabooks now available on iPad

Great news from Sourcin!

You can now access your collaborative and secured work space and watch your Mediabooks on iPad.

Leveraging from the iPad ease of use, this new Sourcin feature provides you with an "on-the-job" paperless access to your video tutorials. It perfects production personnel support in your controlled environment production suites


Sourcin's Presentation at IQPC February 29th 2012


Link to the presentation

An overview by Arnaud Schmutz, General Manager, Sourcin



Pharma IQ's 4th annual Disposable Solutions for Biomanufacturing was held in Brussels at the end of February and provided a vibrant networking platform, as well as informative content on the latest technological and strategic developments across the single use industry. Sourcinsupported the event and we hosted a breakout roundtable group to introduce the concept of mediabooks in facilitating single use implementation, the session was entitled "Deploying Single Use Systems in Production: watch it and do it".

We kicked off with adiscussion on how the industry has changed in the last 10 years and the trend offacilities becoming multi-product. With the different suppliers of the biopharmaceutical industry constantlyinnovating and bringing new products to the market andtheiroperating modesdemanding more manual operations, the challenge then resides on ensuring a successful transfer of the know-how on how to efficiently operate these systems. I gave an overview of our approach, which involves utilising mediabooklibraries. There were a few people in the group who were unfamiliar with the term so here's an explanation for you; ‘amediabook is a compilation of embedded video sequences cinematizing the actual operating procedure, showing the elementary process steps.' When asked to share their experiences on deploying single-use systems, some of the 30 attendees acknowledged the need to base learning processes on first-hand information.Travelingto thevendor site to be trained and operate theirequipment,although not always convenient, was considered as an option for cutting edge single use equipment. The other initiatives discussed were to include pictures in the standard operating procedures currently in use,however this does not cover all aspects required for training purposes.The audience also acknowledged the benefit to remind production teams on the clear instruction irrespective of the local language. Since "the devil is in the detail", a short visual instruction prevails a written procedure. We then moved on to discuss what the Authorities might think about this, so I explained that themediabooks complement the procedures and enhance hands-on sessions; the Authorities would always make sure the industry implements controlled and documented process operations. A participant was interested in whether the single use equipment manufacturers were embracing the Mediabookconcept- an on-going initiative is actually in progress with some of them to create generic mediabooks. Conclusion:the need to standardise training materialis clear to help minimise variability.



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Fondée par Arnaud Schmutz et un associé, Sourcin propose des plateformes innovantes aux opérateurs de production de l'industrie pharmaceutique et biotechnologique pour faciliter l'intégration de nouveaux outils et éviter au maximum les erreurs de manipulations lors des rotations de personnel. La plateforme développée par la start-up capture et archive, sous forme de vidéos et de synopsis multimédia, les méthodes opératoires afin qu'elles soient consultables en tout temps. Arrêt sur image.

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